Photographer standing in the New Forest with camera while it snows


ISTP-T // Veggie // Gamer // Filmmaker // Geek

I caught the travel bug from that one ↠ this year we are planning trips to the Scottish Highlands and Canada. I can’t wait.

One day I’d love to road trip in a convertible along Highway 1 in California at the start of summer and stop at every beach.

Pretty obsessed with anything Final Fantasy ッ

Nothing is better than a good cup of coffee and some chocolate. Tea does come a close second though.

I love tattoos. Awesome left sleeve in progress.

I know the words to every Foo Fighters song and my life is pretty much made up of a combination of Friends and Scrubs quotes.

My dream is to live in a house surrounded by nature with a small veggie patch. I’d also love a dog (or 3).

My current favourite things:

the colour forest green // James Coffee Co. // Nintendo Switch


INFJ // Vegan // Travel addict // Photographer // Cat mama

I love adventures. I want to go everywhere. My favourite places so far are Yosemite National Park, the Scottish Highlands, the Alps and Stockholm. I really like mountains.

I appease my inner goth by listening to Chelsea Wolfe every damn day ☠ but I listen to non-stop Ben Howard when editing photos.

I reckon The Big Lebowski is the best film ever made (Fargo comes a close second…I have a weird obsession with Steve Buscemi)

I’m an extroverted introvert. I love making new friends at weddings, laughing all day and then going home, having a big cuppa tea and sleeping for 10 hours to recharge.

One day I’d love to travel around the world in a campervan and look after goats (not at the same time…although that would be something)

House Targaryen all the way - well, according to Buzzfeed ;)

My current favourite things:

the colour mustard // rooibos tea with vanilla // collecting crystals

We’re both pretty passionate about the environment too. Check out our Eco Series to see some of our work with awesome brands who are putting the planet first ♡

This is Dotty. She is the cutest ever and deserves a much bigger picture than us ❤

If you ever speak to us on Skype she will likely do her best to run away and won’t come near us for the rest of the day because of the betrayal (sorry)