Natasha and Russell Wedding-716.jpg


Hello, I'm Tash :)

This is me and my husband Russell eating chips and drinking lemonade for our 'wedding breakfast' at In-N-Out Burger on the Las Vegas strip shortly after getting married ♡

So what can I tell you about me? 

I love adventures. Going for long walks in the woods. Spontaneous days out and weekends away. I want to go everywhere. My favourite places so far are Yosemite National Park, the Scottish Highlands and Stockholm. 

I'm gluten free & vegan ♡ 

I'm also a cat mama to a beautiful ball of fluff called Dotty ♡

I care a great deal about the environment. I’m that person who recycles everything, doesn’t like disposable plastic and talks a lot about climate change. 


I also love: 

binge watching Netflix | always having my nose stuck in a book | planning epic travel adventures (currently a road trip around the Scottish Highlands for my birthday - woo!) | going out for Mexican/vegan food | anything the colour of mustard | snow capped mountains and miles of forest as far as the eyes can see | the Smashing Pumpkins | my husband - he’s lovely :) | old zombie movies | hot tea in a cute mug | dreaming about building my own cabin in the woods | my quirky mirrorless Fuji babies | watching videos about #vanlife on YouTube


So if you fancy chatting weddings or fun travel adventures (or just want to send me photos of your fluffy kitty cats) get in touch!  :)




thank you to our wonderful wedding photographer Anna Pumer for these amazing photographs from our wedding road trip